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Where it’s easy for you to work through the fundamentals of developing on-chain currencies, collectibles, marketplaces, and more, all on okpiNFT.


Hello, World!

Build your first NFT smart contract market on okpiNFT. This is the best platform for you to master the basic principles of blockchain.


Issue Tokens

Build your non homogenous token, namely NFT digital assets, on the okpiNFT smart contract platform supported by multiple chains.


Create NFTs

Create and shape unique virtual objects that belong to you. Here you will learn about the magic of blockchain – the ability to create, share and permanently store unique things.


Build NFT Market

Put everything in the NFT market! This tutorial will teach you how to put the concepts you have learned into a community shared marketplace.


Expand NFTs

This course is an opportunity for explorers and a possibility for explorers. Your creativity is determined by your imagination.

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